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Course curriculum

    1. Welcome and Join our Facebook Group

    1. Welcome + the consonants

    2. Vowels

    3. Peculiar sounds (Part 1)

    4. Peculiar Sounds (Part 2)

    5. Double Consonants

    6. Italian Sounds

    1. Lesson: Introductions and descriptions

    2. Pdf: Introductions and Descriptions

    1. Lesson: Family & Animals

    2. Pdf: Family & Animals

    1. Lesson: The things I like

    2. Pdf: The things I like

    1. Lesson: Basic Actions

    2. Pdf: Basic actions

About this course

  • Free
  • 15 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

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Your course instructor

Chiara B.

As an enthusiastic online Italian teacher, I've taught Italian for 10 years to people of different nationalities. I'm good at understanding learners' needs, connecting with them, and simplifying complex topics as much as I can to make learning easier. Beyond teaching, I do many things related to the Italian language. I translate from English into Italian, create valuable content on my website, and write books for people who're learning Italian, as the Sos Italian Grammar series. As you can see, I'm deeply committed to help people discover the beauty of my wonderful language and learn it!


  • Who's this challenge for?

    This free challenge is aimed at beginners who wish to learn Italian from scratch and are willing to commit to learn it, and to those who want to explore the basics of the Italian language in a structured and guided manner.

  • Do I require any prior knowledge of Italian to begin the challenge?

    No, prior knowledge is not necessary. The challenge starts from the basics, beginning with Italian sounds, and all the explanations are in English.

  • What language is the challenge taught in?

    The main language used in the challenge is English.

  • Are the resources in the challenge downloadable?

    All the challenge materials are only accessible online. This method encourages your full dedication by promoting active participation, like note-taking, which helps with remembering and improves how you learn.

  • Will I have lifetime access to the challenge?

    No, access to the course is granted for the duration of the challenge, 5 days.

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